Friday 5 January 2007

And so it is, just like Glenn said it would be

Fifth Test, Sydney
Day 4 Comment

Maybe you feared it before England arrived in Australia, maybe it seemed inevitable after the first ball of the series, maybe its taken one month and seven days for you to finally know it – but Australia have decimated England. Five-nil.

This diary, like England, ran out of ideas long ago. Today mirrored what we have seen all series. All that can be said about both sides already has been, and will continue to be for weeks.

Cricket, however, has entered a new era. Shane Warne is the best bowler of all time, he has changed cricket forever, and we will never see another bowler who can instil the same fear in batsmen as he could. Glenn McGrath is the most successful fast bowler of all time, and it is unlikely we will ever see a fast bowler with greater control.

Test cricket won’t be the same. Thanks for the memories, apart from the last five games, which have been a personal hell. I hope I can finally have a life again. So will England.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. Thanks for the copy. Sorry it didn't work out.

Maybe you'll start it again in 2009?