Saturday 16 December 2006

Australia cook up a storm

Third Test, Perth
Day 3 Comment

It required a Churchillian speech from my grandmother to get me up enough to write today’s entry.

The human body must have a natural capacity to defend against pain. For the first time this series I fell asleep during play. It was blissful. I missed Hussey completing his century, then Clarke his and the final showpiece from Gilchrist. I woke up, saw Strauss being triggered again by the theatrical slow finger of Rudi Koertzen, and promptly fell back asleep.

I have discussed the tourists non-stop this series, but today, more then any other is not a day for that. (Having watched the highlights!) This was a day for Australia the magnificent. In turn, each ingredient that makes Australia such champions was displayed. First, against spirited bowling Hussey and Hayden got stuck in, determined and hard-nosed. Then, as the opportunity to drive home the advantage developed, Clarke cruised with confidence and control, and finally, when they the game was theirs, Gilchrist unleashed their flair, panache and touch of genius with a stunning 57 ball hundred.

This may well be the last test series for many of the Aussie players and they have departed in style.


Anonymous said...

Big up to the grandmother! I hope some of the English gumption shown last night will have perked you up a bit mate. You've got a potential leader in Cook, and young Ian Bell has defined his place. Where's last nights post? Are you still awake/alive?

Anonymous said...

i think the English need the help of the Irish..... at least the Irish don't pretend to be any good at it! Talking of which, whatever happened to Ed Joyce?

sahil said...

I am just about alive. To be honest, its a relief now that its finally over. No more hope, no more hurt. I think Joyce will play for Mahmood, if Flintoff continues not to bowl him...

And yes, sorry for the non-post, I had nothing left to say, but I have a full post mortem going up soon!